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Personal Finance Curriculum

High School Personal Finance Curriculum

A lot of people have made bad financial decisions that have haunted them for years. In fact, there are people who never recovered from the consequences of taking a wrong financial step. This is why the high school personal finance curriculum is important for every student. 

Students need to acquire the knowledge to take smart financial decisions. One of the objectives of this course is to teach students how to manage money wisely. 

This page gives the topics covered in the course and some of the benefits of choosing Let’s Read English’s personal finance curriculum.

Why Study Personal Finance in High School?

One good reason why all students should be introduced to this course is that the skills and knowledge they acquire from this class can be applied to their personal decisions. It helps them decide on the best way to invest their money. 

This course teaches students the real meaning of credit, how to make great spending choices, and how to be smart as a consumer. The course will inculcate good spending habits in your child so that he’ll avoid wrong financial decisions that could plunge him into debt.

What Do You Learn in a High School Personal Finance Course?

Your child will be taught about financial planning, budgeting, and how to make well-informed financial decisions. From there, they’ll also learn the relationship between income and careers. We’ll also teach them how to calculate net income and net worth. 

In addition, they’ll learn about different types of professions and their general pay rate. Students also need to know how income taxes works and they will learn that from here.

The course also covers the introduction to checking and saving account and various banking institutions. We will also take them through common types of investments with returns and risks involved in each of the investment opportunities. Our students should be able to differentiate between debt and credit. In addition, we will inform them of the benefits of having good credit. 

The last chapter of the course covers topics like the laws of demand and supply, various economic systems, and entrepreneurship.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Personal Finance Curriculum?

Let’s Read English is a single semester course that teaches students on financial responsibilities. We teach them with interactive lessons and interesting activities. Students can easily link the concepts to real-world situations.

Below are some of the reasons why you’re better off with Let’s Read English’s personal finance course.

    • The course has about five chapters with over 150 activities
    • As always, you can change the courses or add new ones to suit your child’s needs. 
    • Each chapter includes a hands-on project to help students apply learned concepts to the real world.
    • There are hands-on projects in each chapter. 
    • Our teachers use multimedia-based curriculum for students with different learning styles, children with special needs, and gifted learners.
    • The lessons are available online 24/7, so students can learn at their individual paces. 
    • Our automated recordkeeping and grading help parents to manage their children’s online school portfolios. 
    • The financial concepts taught in this class will help students develop their financial literacy skills. 
    • Activity planners, curriculum calculators, and lesson plans make program tracking very easy for parents.