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Personal Wellness Curriculum for High School

Personal Wellness Curriculum for High School | Let's Read English

A personal wellness class is established to educate students about the various aspects of health and fitness. Students will acquire knowledge about all the elements of being healthy throughout the course such as the different types of exercise along with their advantages, nutrition, mental health, and more.

This article presents plenty of useful information as well as topics that your children will learn in a personal health and wellness class, the scope and sequence of a personal wellness class, and how an online wellness course from Let’s Read English can benefit them.

The Benefit of Learning Personal Wellness in High School

Learning the course of personal wellness can be a substantial benefit for every high school student. Your children should know how to take care of their physical and mental well-being as they grow mature and enter adulthood.

An online wellness course can help students understand all the crucial factors that affect their physical and mental health. Learning personal wellness will teach them to make good decisions at any time by studying the significance of physical activity and good nutrition to getting used to dealing with stress as well as familiar with the basics of healthy relationships.

Topics That Will Be Learned in Personal Wellness Class for High School

There is plenty of helpful information that will be learned by students when they take a health and wellness course. Starting with the foundation of health and fitness, they will learn about the benefits of physical activity and the principles of exercise. They will also examine a variety of conflict management strategies and discover rejection skills to deal with peer pressure. All of the topics will assist students to make responsible decisions that will lead them to personal success.

Mental health is another focal point of a personal wellness class. Students will come across usual sources of stress, the negative effects on their bodies, and healthy approaches to diminish stress. They will get used to the causes of mental health disorders as well as learn strategies for dealing with depression and anxiety.

Last but not least, an online wellness course educates students about the risks and dangers that arise from drugs as well as alcohol use and how they influence families and communities. They will examine a variety of illnesses and infectious diseases, how the diseases are spread, and what they should do to protect themselves.

The Scope and Sequence of Personal Wellness Curriculum for High School

  • Your Fitness Log
  • Health and Wellness
  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Physical Fitness Basics
  • Physical Activity Benefits
  • Principles of Exercise
  • Health-related Fitness
  • Fitness Evaluation
  • Setting Healthy Goals
  • Your Fitness Plan
  • First Aid
  • Environmental Conditions and Safety
  • Environmental Health
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Conflict Management
  • Peer Pressure and Refusal Skills
  • Time Management
  • Making Consumer Choices
  • Dealing with Consumer Issues
  • The Skeletal, Muscular, and Nervous Systems
  • Movement
  • Stability & Range of Motion
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Developing Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Safe Weight Training
  • Factors Influencing Flexibility
  • Physical Activity and Flexibility
  • The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
  • Developing Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • Exploring Activities for Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • Participating in Sports
  • Common Sports Injuries and Prevention
  • Treatment for Common Sports Injuries
  • Cumulative Exam
  • The Digestive and Urinary Systems
  • Healthy Body Composition
  • Determining and Controlling Body Composition
  • Diets
  • Body Image and Eating Disorders
  • Food and Health
  • Nutritional Needs
  • The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
  • Adolescence
  • Pregnancy
  • Abstinence and Contraceptives
  • Risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Common Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Defining Communicable Diseases
  • Preventing Communicable Diseases
  • Common Communicable Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Disabilities
  • Evaluating Mental and Emotional Health
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide
  • Stress and Health
  • Coping with Stress
  • Healthy Friendships
  • Family Relationships
  • Responding to Violence and Abuse
  • Using Tobacco
  • Dangers of Tobacco
  • Using Alcohol
  • Alcohol and the Body
  • Drugs as Medicine
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Drug Use Risks
  • Cumulative Exam

Why Choose A Personal Wellness Curriculum for High School from Let's Read English?

There are several reasons why you should choose an online wellness course from Let’s Read English. Moreover, the personal wellness course in Let’s Read English teaches students by utilizing an enjoyable and interactive method that consists of excellent graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and interactive tools. The flexible method enables them to work independently as well as study and evolve at their own pace.

Here are some additional aspects and advantages that you will be experienced when you choose an award-winning curriculum from Let’s Read English:

  • Embedded journal activities and reading assignments aid students to reinforce their literacy skills.
  • In-depth course contains material for the whole year (two semesters).
  • Guiding question starts every lesson to help promote inquiry and activate previous knowledge.
  • The course consists of eight chapters along with more than 400 activities that guide students to reach essential objectives.
  • Video lessons have experienced teachers that conduct students through each lesson.
  • Students can retake lessons as well as repeat examinations and quizzes so that they can obtain further comprehension and develop their grades.
  • Flexible curriculum can be employed as your main online school curriculum, after-school skill building, or summer learning.
  • Members can add extra courses or change them at any time so that they can review previous material, start early, or challenge themselves with new topics.
  • Interactive and self-paced method is suitable for all types of learning styles, gifted children , and students with special needs.
  • Ability to create templates for transcripts, high school diplomas, and more.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators aid students to plan and promote their independent learning.
  • Students can log in whenever they prefer as they have no schedules to follow.
  • Lesson plans prepare in-depth information on each lesson and enable parents to preview activities.

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