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Physics Online Curriculum for High School

Physics Online Curriculum for High School

The physics curriculum is one of the three science courses that available at the high school level. Physics will be taught by using the incorporation of multimedia lessons, teaching videos, quizzes, examinations, as well as both online and offline projects. The physics course is created to prepare students for college-level science.

Physics is typically taught in eleventh grade, even though some students may take the course in twelfth grade or as early as tenth grade relying on their academic level. They will learn about the fundamental principles that control the physical world.

Find out what topics will be taught in physics and how the online physics course from Let’s Read English can guide your students to reach their learning goals.

What Topics Need To Be Taught in High School Physics?

Teaching physics to high school students can help them comprehend how the universe works and how the different components interact with each other. They can also observe the complicated scientific concepts and make real-world connections to determine their impact on daily life.

The physics curriculum emphasizes ensuring students get a good comprehension of motion, energy, electricity, magnetism, and the laws that control the physical universe. Students will learn to comprehend the scientific principles and processes, ask questions, present hypotheses, experiment, solve problems, and think abstractly and critically.

Here are several concepts and skills that your child will learn throughout the curriculum physics high school:

  • Understanding of the laws and applications of motion, forces and gravity.
  • Knowledge of the processes of work and energy along with the laws of thermodynamics.
  • Awareness of how light and sound waves work in our environment.
  • Comprehension of electricity and magnetism principles as well as how they are applied.
  • Knowledge of current accomplishments and progressive ideas in nuclear and modern physics.
  • Potentiality in using the scientific method to observe physics questions.
  • Potentiality in thinking critically and abstractly about physics design elements as well as real-world applications.
  • Proficiency related to the manipulation of equations, graphing, making observations, recording data, and researching.

Check out the 11th-grade Science scope and sequence and the 11th-grade Science lesson plans to learn more about the physics curriculum from Let’s Read English.

The Learning Goals of High School Physics

Students must have a strong comprehension of the concepts of mass, force, motion, energy, and more by the end of a high school physics course. Other than that, they also should have adequate knowledge required for a higher level of education.

Here are some examples of potential high school physics goals for your children:

  • Utilize graphs and equations to resolve speed as well as velocity problems.
  • Explain the first, second, and third Newton laws of motion.
  • Resolve problems by using Kepler’s laws.
  • Count the kinetic energy, mass, or velocity given the other two quantities.
  • Describe how electromagnetic waves transfer energy by radiation.
  • Differentiate between absorption, transmission, reflection, refraction, and diffraction.
  • Examine how light waves bend around objects.
  • Utilize Ohm’s law to count voltage, current, or resistance.
  • Implement the right-hand rule to find out the direction of the magnetic force on a charge.
  • Employ the half-life concept to elucidate the decay rate of an isotope.
  • Discover Einstein’s two postulates of special relativity.

Why Choose the Physics Online School Curriculum from Let's Read English?

The self-paced online physics course from Let’s Read English offers high-quality education in a user-friendly way. Most families utilize our curriculum to help their children accomplish more significant success in traditional school. Meanwhile, other families employ it as their primary online school curriculum because of the flexibility and thorough lessons.

As students concentrate and enlarge their comprehension of physics, they are challenged to implement their knowledge in experiments that require them to ask questions and build hypotheses. They are also motivated to plan several solutions for complicated real-world problems through an imaginative solution and more.

Here are some reasons why the online school physics curriculum from Let’s Read English is an ideal option for you:

Male Student Building And Programing Robot Vehicle In School Computer Coding Class
As a Main CurriculumAs an Addition
  • The standard-based curriculum offers visual supports, note-taking guides, and several tools.
  • Interactive lessons utilize the skills of experienced teachers to give engagement, encouragement, and support.
  • Students can implement their learning session and lab reporting skills through virtual labs.
  • Students can improve their comprehension, presentation, and research skills through assignments.
  • Real-world implementations make physics concepts more meaningful.
  • Parents can set a minimum passing score to make sure their children repeat activities with a lower score.
  • Closed-captioning in video lessons gives extra support for students with special needs.
  • Physics courses can be utilized for summer learning or afterschool learning or aim specific concepts or skills.
  • Students can finish all of the curricula depends on their needs.
  • Self-paced online teaching differs from the instruction in traditional schools, and it can present materials in alternative and attractive methods.
  • The course components can be used to strengthen concepts such as learning activities, virtual labs, and assignments.
  • Parents can design lesson schedules, monitor progress, and start or stop the course at any time without a contract.
  • Videos, printed materials, and virtual labs work very well for different types of learners.
  • Teachers utilize humor and real-world connections to give an interesting experience for students.