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Last updated: Mar 27, 2021

PreCalculus Curriculum

The PreCalculus curriculum from Let’s Read English is one of five mathematics courses that available at the high school level. Students who are wishing to enroll in a selected four-year college or who are planning to choose mathematics or science-related field as a major must complete a precalculus course in high school.

Our online precalculus course will be introduced to students by using the incorporation of multimedia lessons, teaching videos, quizzes, examinations, and other assignments. The standard-based instruction will help students to make a preparation for mathematics courses in college.

In this article, you will find out about what topics will be taught in a high school precalculus course, discover the common targets for precalculus, and then figure out how families can employ high school precalculus curriculum from Let’s Read English as their core curriculum or precalculus summer course.

What Topics Will Be Taught In PreCalculus?

Math student presentation

PreCalculus is an organized entry for advanced researches that lead to calculus. The course is established based on concepts students have learned in prior high school mathematics courses, especially Algebra 2. The principles of theoretical mathematics are utilized to highlight problem-solving and mental mathematics.

Some of the topics included in the online high school precalculus course from Let’s Read English are:

  • Functions and Graphs
  • Lines and Rates of Change
  • Sequences and Series
  • Polynomial and Rational Functions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Analytic Geometry
  • Linear Algebra and Matrices
  • Probability and Statistics

Learning Goals for PreCalculus

The topics that are taught in precalculus influence students to implement problem-solving and make them ready for future endeavors that may include STEM (science/technology/engineering/mathematics) careers. PreCalculus focuses more on mathematical analysis rather than just the memorization of formulas.

Students will achieve the following goals throughout the precalculus course:

  • Examine and elucidate the arrangement of polynomial, rational, and exponential functions.
  • Converse effectually by using a graphic, numeric, symbolic, and verbal description.
  • Take a look at mathematical reasoning that is utilized in trigonometric functions.
  • Exhibit and comprehend matrices as well as solving systems with matrix equations.
  • Survey and determine theoretical probabilities and evolve a probability distribution for a non-specific variable.
  • Categorize conic equations and create graphs of conic sections.

Why Choose High School PreCalculus Curriculum by Let's Read English?

Research proclaims that technology-enhanced learning can upgrade mathematical skills at the high school level. The online precalculus course by Let’s Read English is created to aid students obtain, practice, and employ the skills as well as knowledge. Our standard-based content can evolve students’ capability to understand problems along with the abstract core skills required for all advanced mathematics courses.

Some of the reasons why our precalculus curriculum is very well-known among families and students are:

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • The course focuses on a higher level of thinking skills and implements empirical, real-life mathematics examples to teach the material.
  • Inspired and media-rich content makes students involved in the lessons.
  • Information is delivered in a variety of formats such as teaching video, animated models, graphs, and texts in order to indulge students of all learning styles and diverse capabilities.
  • The curriculum provides challenging content, pertinent activities, evaluations, and real-time responses.
  • Each lesson consists of evaluations to find out whether students have mastered the learning goals or not.
  • A customized assignment calendar assists students track the coursework that they need to finish every day.
  • The system will detect students' progress and restores printable reports that parents can change into high school transcripts or homeschool portfolios.
  • Vigorous interactive teaching encourages students to create content knowledge and vital skills on each topic.
  • Visual learners will get a benefit primarily from on-screen teachers who present learning goals, clarify concepts, and model mathematics methods.
  • The student will learn gradually about the methods (discover questions, clues, and techniques as well as monitor their work) when working on problems.
  • The students are able to apply concepts sequentially or focus on particular sections where they need additional rehabilitation.
  • The flexibility of the curriculum enables families to implement it as an addition to other mathematics programs or precalculus summer courses for high school students.
  • Comprehensive reporting appliances guide parents to check students' engagement, progress, and achievement throughout the learning process.