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Premium Online Electives

It shouldn’t be difficult to plan for your supplementary courses in your online program. The courses do not only broaden your child’s educational horizon, but they also fire his passion and hunger for knowledge all through his academic life and career. Let’s Read English’s curriculum gives students access to resources that will bring them hundreds of steps closer to their goals and their parents’ dreams.

Supplementary Courses for Your Online Curriculum Subscription

Let’s Read English’s PreK-8 levels include the following curricula: 

Apart from economics and health electives, Let’s Read English’s program offers all the core subjects listed above. We have also added more courses as demanded by the parents of our students, and we’ll continue to improve our online programs as demanded by students and their parents. Here are some of the added courses.

Foreign Language Learning

One of our newest courses is the foreign language courses in grades K-12. With the new additions, our students can take classes in Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Italian, German, Mandarin (Chinese language), French, Spanish, or English. We are also planning to add more languages.

Let’s Read Languages

Writing Courses from Let’s Read English

Since our students and their parents have asked for writing courses, we listened and created several online writing courses for elementary, middle school, and high school. We can assure you that these courses are taken by highly experienced certified online tutors. These writing courses include essay writing, paragraph writing, sentence writing, punctuations, and grammar. Right now, you can register for your preferred online writing courses at a promotional price.

Let’s Write English  

Add Premium Electives to Your Membership

With these new additions, Let’s Read English students can easily add a foreign language course or a writing course to their core subjects of social studies, science, language arts, and math. You can sign up and become a member. After that, you can access the Parent Dashboard to add online electives to your child’s courses.