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Preschool Online Curriculum

Preschool Online Curriculum

Is your kid grown-up for preschool? If yes, then this is the time to start his/her educational journey. But, beginning the journey is not that easy. It is not easy to find the perfect preschool curriculum for your child. Thorough research is required to find that perfect match that can lay down the learning foundation for your child and his/her future.

If you are in the process of searching the preschool curriculum or preschool for your kid, then this page is for you. In this page, we will talk about what your child should be learning as part of preschool education, how you should go about planning the online schooling of your child, and what the Let’s Read English online program brings to the table for your child and his/her learning journey.

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What do Preschoolers Learn?

Preschool is an important step into a child’s educational journey. This is the year where a child develops basic concepts and fundamentals that help him/her in future grades. The preschool curriculum is fun and interactive to keep the preschoolers engaged. The curriculum may involve songs, rhymes, stories, and other interactive methods to develop learning skills.

The preschool curriculum should help your child learn:

  • Identify different letters, numbers, shapes, patterns, and colors
  • Sounds of letters or phonics
  • Writing, coloring, and drawing
  • Cutting, sorting, and gluing
  • How to share, follow instructions, respect peer students, and work together
  • Days of the week and months
  • Different seasons
  • Different fruits and vegetables
  • Different animals and birds and their characteristics

The Let’s Read English online learning program’s preschool scope and sequence and preschool lesson plans pages can help understand what a complete preschool program should include.

Preschool Curriculum Overview

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Let’s Read English online preschool curriculum is designed to cater to the preschool needs of your child. The curriculum consists of extensive topics on letters and numbers with numerous funfilled activities. Nevertheless, every preschool learning topic consists of funfilled activities, interactive videos, learning games, and rhymes and songs that keep the child engaged and enhance his/her learning skills. The topics and activities are focused on laying down the basics of future taught subjects like math, science, social studies, language arts, arts, and more.


The preschool curriculum should be focused on imparting the basic concepts and laying down the foundation for further grades. This is precisely what Let’s Read English’s preschool curriculum provides. Here are some features of the Let’s Read English preschool curriculum:

  • The curriculum is comprehensive and interactive that makes learning fun
  • It consists of multimedia resources and fun games to keep the child engaged
  • Focuses on fundamentals to enhance the learning skills
  • The curriculum is flexible and can also be accessed and learned at its own pace
  • There are plenty of activities that help with a solid learning foundation, enhance skills like critical thinking, and teach problem-solving capabilities

How to help a preschooler with online school?

The guide available here will help you provide all the information regarding how to help a preschooler with online school. Here is what is included:

  • Steps to begin online schooling
  • The best schedule for a preschooler
  • Subjects taught and learning objectives
  • Recommended books for building literacy skills
  • Tips and ideas to help your child have fun and keep him/her engaged

Why Choose Let's Read English's Preschool Online School Curriculum?

Choosing Let’s Read English’s preschool online school curriculum has many benefits. It helps to lay down the proper learning foundation for your kid and instills the love of learning. The comprehensive curriculum of Let’s Read English focuses on your child’s overall development and motivates the child to perform to the best of his/her abilities.


You can use the Let’s Read English preschool online school curriculum as a regular program or supplement to enhance the basic skills. Here are some of the features and benefits relating to the program:

Emotional cheerful baby girl in headphones at home with a laptop, online training for a preschooler,

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • The program consists of a comprehensive curriculum to cover subjects like math, science, social studies, language arts, arts, and more.
  • The preschool curriculum consists of two levels. One section is completely dedicated to alphabets and phonics.
  • Being an online program, it promotes computer
  • There are detailed lesson plans to help with the overall information about different lessons and activities.
  • An automated system is in place, making it easy for the parents to track their child’s progress.
  • There are educational playground rewards once a lesson is
  • The activities as part of the curriculum help build vocabulary and communication
  • The grade levels can be adjusted as per the requirements and the child can work across different grades.
  • The program is available 24/7 for the members via the internet.
  • There is no contract involved. The members can start, stop, or pause the program at any point in time.
  • The child can work at his/her own pace. This means that the child can take his/her time to work on challenging concepts.
  • As the sessions are recorded, the child can revisit the session multiple times to clear concepts or for further understanding.
  • The online material follows a sequence, but there is an option to skip the lessons if needed.
  • The program has a low monthly fee which makes it affordable.
  • As the program is web-based, there is no need to download software or purchase a CD.

FAQs About Online Schooling Preschool

Children tend to start preschool when they are between three to five years old. As every child is unique and has a different learning style, he/she may require different times when to start the preschool. You, as a parent, should be flexible and figure out when your child is ready for preschool.

There are no compulsions to what a child should know before going to preschool. If he/she has a bit of an idea about numbers, alphabets, colors, and shapes, that should be more than enough. But again, this is not compulsory. All of these things will be taught as part of the preschool.

 Communication is one of the important factors in the overall development of your child. It can have a significant impact on how your child performs in preschool. Here are some of the things you can do before starting with the preschool of your child:


  • Read some text or stories to your child every day
  • Show and make them recognize different pictures and objects inside those pictures
  • Ask questions about the stories you read
  • Talk to them and make them understand as you do activities around the house
  • Teach them primary colors
  • Make them count household items or objects like ladder steps, blocks, etc.
  • Make them understand the importance of organization and let them put their toys back to their original place once they are done playing