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Teaching Preschool at Home: The Summary of an Online School Curriculum for Preschool

When most online school educators refuse to do a “formal” online schooling technique with their pre-kindergarteners, some want to start building several learning structures. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the work of a preschooler is PLAY. Fortunately, play and study can be closely linked at home until children barely realize where one ends, and the other begins.


If you are new to online school education, you will not start at a better time. Every method you are presented with is an exhilarating adventure for your preschool students, and they are very keen to learn and analyze what they are learning. The backyard of your house and the internal area can be a huge educational playground for them. You can replicate some of the traditional preschool classes at home, which usually builds around a “learning center.” You might have an area in your house with an aquarium, a child microscope, a table for a science experiment, or a corner of the room equipped with costumes for “social study.” The possibilities have no limits.


Preschool students are vigorously creating pre-reading and pre-mathematics skills with several activities such as rhyme words, learning to count and find patterns, and combining and measuring ingredients to make a recipe. The unique preschool curriculum consists of language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. You can explore the  PreK lesson plans page from Let’s Read English to see inclusive types of lessons that are included in the online school curriculum for preschool students.

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Ultimate Guidelines for Online Schooling Preschool

Preschool learning includes more than just teaching and planning activities for students at home. Here is the list of ultimate guidelines on how to get started with online preschool school:

  • The online school curriculum for preschool can be as engaging or as easy as you want it to be. Most online school parents think that they have to plan every detail of their online school activities on a daily or weekly basis, but some of them choose to write down a few general things they want to teach and let the flow of the day determine how they complete the lessons.
  • Both parents and children get advantages from usual outings with other families. You need to find a local online school support group in your area, and you can join field trips, play days, or any clubs that they offer.
  • Endure the urge to compare your online schooling techniques or your child’s development with other online schoolers. One of the most significant advantages of online schooling is discovering a unique learning method for your child.
  • Learning with preschool students can happen everywhere and anytime, such as watching insects while walking, integrating puzzles on the floor, and reading books in the cradle.
  • Any academic time focused on your pre-kindergarteners must be spread throughout the day. Every fifteen minutes of the lesson should be emphasized on particular skills at this age.
  • The phrase “too much” reading never exists at this stage. Audible and visual books should be incorporated into your daily schedule. Poems, songs, and finger games for children also can develop their pre-reading skills.
  • Any activities that build fine motor skills, such as setting up the table to play with playdough, also get your child ready for writing.
  • Most countries typically do not have laws on online schooling preschool, so this is a great time to have fun learning together.

Even though it is convenient, it does not mean families should have a room dedicated to online school. Any families living in smaller spaces always think that they could study well in any room or outside of the house, as long as they have a particular area in their home to keep their necessities.

Online School Curriculum for Preschool

Online school curriculum for preschool in Let’s Read English is established with pre-readers in mind. The only thing needed is for students to understand how to use a computer mouse or navigate a tablet. They also can comprehend simple listening instructions. When preschool students build their skills, they will move forward to lessons containing multiple instructions and bigger options.


The skill-building activities for preschool students are created in various areas. The most well-known activities are pre-reading literacy, basic mathematics, creative expression, music, arts, and science. The lessons are very interactive and pleasant with simple verbal commands, attractive graphics, and some good music. The program is classified by themes such as colors, shapes, foods, or appliances. These are presented with a story or song, and they will be followed by activities related to the theme.

Why Try the Online School Curriculum from Let's Read English?

If you are planning to teach preschool at home, you might also be interested in:

  • Students can get individual entrances and work at their own pace, resulting in more productive learning.
  • Parents can determine the level of grades by themselves for every subject so that students can study at their speed.
  • Member-only access to in-depth printable lesson plans and online school instructional appliances to review lesson contents.
  • Time-recording feature on the activities for attendance and record-keeping system.
  • The utilization of automated grading in an online school portfolio usage makes the record-keeping process easier.
  • In-depth reporting for portfolio utilization and parental support through our online Parent Forum.
  • The complete web-based, no software to download, no CDs, and no additional material to buy.

Extra Resources for Online Schooling Curriculum Preschool

If you are planning to teach preschool at home, you might also be interested in:

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