Let's Read English

Primary (Preschool) Online Curriculum

Since this is where children begin their education, it is very important to get it right. Our major aim here isn’t only to teach your child, but also to build their interest in education. If we can arouse children’s interest in schoolwork from here, all other things will follow. To lay a solid foundation for your child, you need the right online preschool program like ours.

To give you more information about our online preschool curriculum, we have answered some vitals questions below. Click each of the links to peruse the answer to the question.

Contemporary school building

What do Preschoolers Learn?

This is the period when children learn academic activities before they start primary education. So, what they learn here will influence their educational journey. This is when they discover the concepts that will act as a foundation where they will build on in subsequent years. It is majorly about playing and singing. From there, they’ll learn how to read and write.

Let’s Read English’s curriculum include the following:

  • Alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes
  • Different animals and their characteristics (including how they walk and the sounds they make)
  • Different parts of a book
  • Drawing, cutting, sorting, coloring, and gluing
  • Four seasons of the year, different kinds of weather, and days of the week
  • Working together as a team, taking their turns, sharing things when necessary, following rules/instructions, and respecting others

Preschool Curriculum Overview

We have broken our curriculum into two levels. Our program uses numerous interactive, colorful videos, catchy but short songs, and fun characters. We use these teaching elements to teach our students numbers, alphabets, math, social studies, science, language arts, and more. Preschoolers’ programs must be immersive, exciting, engaging, and enjoyable. So, our online preschool curriculum offers the following. We also think you should look for them in any preschooler program.

Set of geometry tool
  • Our program makes learning fun for children.
  • It covers the basics in all the core subjects.
  • Our curriculum is flexible and can be individualized.
  • It allows students to learn at their pace.
  • It helps to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Since online schooling requirements vary, you must research what you want your child to achieve to ensure the curriculum you choose meets those requirements.

How to Teach a Preschooler Online

Here’s a list of what to expect in our curriculum for preschoolers.

  • Ideas and tips to help students have fun
  • Steps to take to begin homeschooling
  • Subjects taught and learning objectives
  • Suggested books to help build literacy skills
  • The best schedule for a preschooler

Why Choose Let's Read English Online Preschool Curriculum?

There are many reasons to choose our curriculum, and we have listed some of them in the table below. You can take the course as a complete curriculum or as a supplement. Whichever one you decide to choose, you’ll enjoy it, and your child/student will start his/her academic journey putting the best foot forward.

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • The grade levels are adjustable. So, students can take lessons for different grades.
  • Being a member isn't a contractual obligation. You can quit your membership anytime.
  • Students get to dictate the pace of the program. So, your child can spend more time on seemingly difficult topics.
  • Even though learning materials are presented in a certain sequence, students can change the sequence.
  • The monthly fee is affordable.
  • There's 24/7 access, so students can log in anytime they want.
  • The lessons are done online, and they are available 24/7.
  • Students have the liberty to redo any activity and retake any test until their
    performance satisfies their parents.
  • Access to 4th-grade language arts allows students to review old
    material if need be.
  • For revision, students in this Grade have access to 4th-grade materials.
  • Students can take only the lessons they need and skip the rest.