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Printable Worksheets for Math, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies | Tim4Learning

Printable Worksheets for Math, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies | Tim4Learning

Although Let’s Read English is an online learning curriculum, there are also printable worksheets that accompany the program. These printable worksheets can be printed and used anytime by the students. The sheets act as an activity source that reinforces the online material.

Every child is unique and thus requires a different style of learning. While some children need visual learning, others might require auditory resources to understand and decipher the ways of learning. Still, some children might require the traditional process of using pen and paper to enhance their learning skills. Let’s Read English consists of methods that adhere to various styles of learning. This means that whether your child requires online learning or the traditional pen and paper style of learning, Let’s Read English has got you covered.

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Online School Planning Worksheets

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Online school planning worksheets are available with parents who opt for an online school. These planning worksheets keep parents organized and help them capture a weekly-at-a-glance schedule of activities, online school goals, student’s strengths and weaknesses, and more.


Here are some printable online school planning worksheets to support online school organization activities

Math Worksheets

Let’s Read English provides multiple printable math worksheets containing multiple interactive activities. These worksheets reinforce the online math material that your child learns. The printable worksheets consist of topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, operations, fractions, measurements, patterns, and statistics. Additionally, there are worksheets on time, weight, length, linear equations, graphing, ratios, percent, and decimals.

Here are some sample math worksheets that come with the program:

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Language Arts Worksheets

Let’s Read English online program provides both language arts worksheets and language arts extensions lessons. The printable worksheets are available for most grades and consist of topics like phonics, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, language processing skills, and basic elements of writing.

Here are some sample language arts worksheets that come with the program:

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Learn More on Let’s Read English through our Demo Videos.

Science Worksheets

Let’s Read English provides science worksheets for various grade levels. The science course is available for grades 1-6. The printable worksheets are available for topics like scientific methods, energy, anatomy, physics, and astronomy. Other topics include light, sound, electricity, magnetism, plants, organisms, and more.

Here are some sample science worksheets that come with the program:

Social Studies Worksheets

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Let’s Read English provides social studies curriculum from grades second to seventh. The program offers printable worksheets for topics like political science, civics, history, geography, and ancient civilizations. Popular events like Civil War and World War I and II also find their place in the worksheets.


Here are some sample social studies worksheets that come with the program:

About Let’s Read English

Let’s Read English is a certified green learning program which means the classes are conducted online and students don’t require any hard (paper) material for studying. All the activities and assignments are available and done online. Though the program provides an option of printable worksheets to reinforce what child has learned online, they are not at all compulsory to be completed. The primary purpose of worksheets is to help the students with additional practice, but it depends on a child’s learning style if he/she requires the worksheets for learning.

Let’s Read English is helping thousands of children to help learn English and champion other subjects in English Language. Why not yours?

Key Features of Let’s Read English Home Education Program

Let’s Read English provides multiple interactive activities, printable worksheets, and multimedia lessons for the end-to-end learning of the child. The program promotes self-paced learning for students to provide them the flexibility they require. Let’s Read English consists of subjects like Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and more that are available for most grades.

Parents, as part of the program, get access to various lesson plans, printable worksheets, teaching tools (as part of Parent Dashboard), detailed reporting, and parental support through our online Parent Forum.

Here are some other key features of Let’s Read English:

  • Students get their separate login
  • Students can learn at their schedule and pace if required
  • Parents can set grade level independently of subjects
  • A grade level above and below is unlocked for additional preview and study
  • Parents get access to detailed lesson plans if they need them
  • Students get access to an online playground that rewards and motivates the students
  • An automated system is in place that automatically grades students activities and also keeps reports for online school portfolio usage
  • Students can sign up and start with the course on the same day

Let’s Read English is an online web program and does not require any software download or CD purchase. Students who once sign up get 24/7 access to the program material.

Let’s Read English provides a 14-day money-back guarantee and so there is no risk involved. Also, the parents and students can start, stop, or pause the program at any point in time.

Browse our lesson plans, try the interactive lesson demos, read various curriculum reviews, or check out the curriculum overview to see what’s in store.