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Reading School Online Curriculum

Reading School Online Curriculum

Learn to read with Let’s Read English! Some reading programs cannot bring young students on an individualized path towards reading competency. However, the online school reading curriculum of Let’s Read English from Edgenuity Odyssey® supports various types of students, such as those who understand phonics and sight words easily or those who need more reinforcement.

According to the powerful fundamentals of research-based reading principles, Odyssey reading follows the most effective practices for literacy development and reading instruction. It also consists of the amalgamation of listening, speaking, reading, and writing into the curriculum.

The most successful reading programs enable young readers and writers to enlarge their knowledge and appreciate the utilization of oral and written language to evolve the love of reading and writing. The standard-based program from Let’s Read English offers a firm basis for newbie readers.

Individualized Reading Curriculum for Online School

When the responsibility for reading instruction has to be borne by online school parents, they want to know whether the curriculum they choose will fit their child’s individual needs or otherwise. Odyssey reading supports every child’s distinct learning style through interesting educational activities, collaborative exercises, project-based activities, real-world connections, self-paced individualized education, and encouraging audio, graphics, animation, and additional tools.

Online school students need a reading program that can attract their attention with an exhilarating and interactive teaching format instead of only gives them instruction step-by-step. In the generation that is easily removable and a wide range of media competes for their attention, the absolute design for a reading curriculum would have the following features:

Three ESL students taking notes in their notebooks
  • Keep the attention of students while providing top-notch educational value
  • Enable students to develop at their own pace
  • Suitable with the preferred learning mode of students (individual learning style)

The Guidelines to Reading Proficiency

Let’s Read English helps the reading process by preparing an organized and sequential method in learning to read. It enables students to establish a solid fundamental for extension development and mastery of the required reading skills throughout the school years. The evolvement of successive proficiency in reading is sometimes equated to a pyramid.

The reading skills pyramid describes the pattern of acquisition that preschool and elementary school students have to deal with when learning to read. The five main areas of the literacy development pyramid include:

Reading Curriculum for Preschool

Children will be making the connection directly between letters and sounds and the relation between words and meanings during their preschool years. Reading to children regularly during the toddler and preschool years has proven to link to their success when they start to progress to reading for themselves.

To enhance the process, Let’s Read English has established an online preschool reading program with guided reading, reading worksheets, language arts games, and many other creative approaches that can make the reading lesson interesting for your preschool students. Learn more about the online school preschool reading curriculum from Let’s Read English.

Reading Curriculum for Elementary School

Children typically have the building materials they need to start learning to read when they enter kindergarten. Teaching a child to read means parents should help their children utilize those materials to progress from letter recognition to phonemic awareness to build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Young readers will continue to reinforce these skills in the elementary years while building on translating their thoughts into grammatically accurate writing, conducting preliminary research to find answers for their questions, and discovering themes in assigned literature.

Let’s Read English supports elementary readers with an award-winning and standard-based language arts curriculum that lines up with reading instruction and the other essential aspects of language learning such as vocabulary development, reading comprehension, composition, and literary elements.

Reading Curriculum for Middle School

Even though a student has had fundamental instruction in reading throughout the elementary years, it does not mean that they have already mastered all the basics. Middle school students will combine advanced reading and writing skills in their language arts program, but they will implement them in another academic subject. This is one reason why junior high-level readers must create literacy proficiency.

During the middle school years, the online school curriculum from Let’s Read English strengthens all the concepts learned in the elementary years with extra focus on more complicated grammar rules, inclusive literary analysis, and learning how to organize their writing better. The middle school language arts program contains more than 800 lessons, activities, and extensions created to prepare students for the exhaustive English high school level  courses.

Reading High School Online Curriculum

The National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2015 proclaimed that only 37% of eighth-grade students had a competency level in reading. It means that there are still many works that need to be done in the high school years to help students get ready for college and career, requiring a solid tendency in reading.

The high school language arts curriculum from Let’s Read English aims to transform students into skilled, independent, and successful readers and thinkers at the secondary stage. It is classified into four levels of English courses that consist of the following instruction:

  • The practice of writing
  • The comprehension of reading
  • The development of vocabulary
  • Literary Analysis
  • Communication skills

Why Choose Online School Reading Program Works from Let's Read English?

Most parents have many options when it comes to reading programs for their children. If you want to make sure Let’s Read English is the best curriculum for them, we have included several highlights, features, and benefits your students can acquire from their subscription.


  • Top-notch and research-based instruction and interesting learning activities presented in various formats such as animation, video, print, music, and more.
  • Thematic lessons focus on the relation between reading and writing.
  • Create primary educational foundations in a creative atmosphere.
  • Individualized and self-paced instruction that contains ongoing evaluation.


  • Equivalence program that combines phonics instruction, sight-reading skills, and literature-based lessons.
  • Interactive and project-based practices.
  • On-going and desegregated evaluation as well as instruction.
  • Additional prints for offline survey and development.


  • Suitable for students with various skill levels such as gifted readers, traditional readers, and remedial readers.
  • Involve students and support their skills of critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Provide instant feedback and direction for students and enable parents to evaluate and monitor their progress at all times.
  • Enlarge and increase students’ knowledge.