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Scope and Sequence for Lesson Plans

Scope and Sequence for Lesson Plans

A scope and sequence can help you stay organized and follow the lessons of your children. It is a valuable tool that can give you information on all the concepts and topics your children will be learning, whether new to an online school or a veteran. It can also guide you by planning your year and scheduling enrichment activities such as field trips and manual projects.

This article prepares information on the meaning of scope and sequence and useful links to all the scope and sequences for grades PreK-12th in Let’s Read English.


What is the Meaning of Scope and Sequence?

Scope and sequence are regularly used in education when talking about curricula, books, or courses. It lists the concepts, topics, and material discussed in a book, course, or lesson plans of a specific curriculum. A scope means topics and areas of evolution within a curriculum.  Meanwhile, the sequence refers to how those skills are taught.

Scope and Sequence by Grade and Subject

Let’s Read English gives members the scope and sequence of each Grade, subject, and course taught by our curriculum. You are allowed to access information on each lesson along with a description and several chapters and activities, all arranged in chronological order. Click the links in the table below to learn more about a specific grade, subject, or course.

Elementary School

Children learning Spanish language

Middle School

First day of school together in 2nd grade

High School

High School Teacher Helping Student With Written Work

Scope and Sequence of High School Electives

What Else Does Let's Read English Offer?

Let’s Read English also offers plenty of time-saving features and useful resources to the members other than the award-winning online curriculum for PreK-12th Grade.

  • Automated grading and record-keeping system.
  • Detailed lesson plans as well as descriptions, objectives, and more.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Templates for transcripts and diplomas.
  • Recommended lists of reading and spelling.
  • Science prepares lists for manual activities.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators.