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Social Studies Lesson Plans for Second Grade

Social Studies Lesson Plans for Second Grade

Let’s Read English is an online student-paced learning system for students in preschool through middle school. It is well-known as a second-grade online school curriculum, afterschool improvement, remediation, and summer study.

The lesson plans below present a thorough list of the second-grade social studies curriculum, with short activity descriptions and learning activity (LA) numbers. Additional resources related to second-grade social studies are also listed down below.

Students who registered for second-grade science can get access to both first and third-grade science lessons as a part of their membership, and it enables them to move forward or review lessons at their own pace.

If you are learning about Let’s Read English, you are recommended to take a look at our interactive lesson demos. Members frequently use this article as a resource for more thorough planning, a guide for selecting particular activities using the activity finder, or differentiate our curriculum with state standards.

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Social Studies Lesson Plan - Second Grade Curriculum

Total Activities: 23

Chapter 1: “Wants & Needs”

Identify basic human needs.

Explain how basic needs of food, clothing and shelter can be met.

Chapter 2: “Compare/Contrast Locations”

Use maps to locate states, the United States, continents and oceans.

Recognize that maps are utilized to provide directions as well as location.

The learner will recognize symbols on a simple map.

Locate places using cardinal and intermediate directions.

Chapter 3: “Our National Identity”

Identifies selected important buildings, statues and monuments associated with national history, for example, Capitol building, White House, Statue of Liberty, the United States flag and the Liberty Bell.

The learner will explain the purpose of , and the people and events honored in commemorative, patriotic holidays such as President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Thanksgiving.

The learner will explain the purpose of various holidays celebrated by different cultures within the United States, such as, Cinco de Mayo and Kwanza.

The learner will know the Pledge of Allegiance and songs that express American ideas (e.g., My Country ””Tis of Thee and The Star Spangled Banner.

Chapter 4: “Work In Society”

Identify jobs in the home, school and community, describe the requirements of various jobs and cite examples of characteristics of doing a job well performed.

Lesson Activity Finder Tool

The lesson activity finder is one of the numerous useful tools that Let’s Read English provides for members. The activity finder is an alternative route for parents to preview lessons or find additional practices for their children easily.

Each lesson in the curriculum has a rare activity number referred to in the lesson plans as an “LA Number.” These numbers can be detected either on the scope and sequence pages or the lesson plans in the Parent Dashboard.

You can find the activity finder in the lower left-hand corner of the Student Dashboard. To use the activity finder, members can log in to the account of their children, type the Learning Activity (LA) number of a lesson into the Activity Finder and then click “Go” to open it.

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Please check our hints and help section for more information which provides more details about the activity finder.

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