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Social Studies Online School Curriculum

Social Studies Online School Curriculum

Social studies curriculum should be designed to educate scholars about the society and the world they live in. According to Merriam-Webster, social studies is a college curriculum that deals with the knowledge of social connections and the purpose or roles of society. It primarily consists of government, history, civics, economics, anthropology, sociology, and geography.

Let’s Read English social studies online school curriculum starts from PreK, where young scholars are introduced to the ideas and concepts that enable them to acknowledge everything about society. As scholars progress to the next level in their quest for study, they will improve their social studies knowledge by studying basic and complex topics.

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Why is Social Studies Important?

An online school curriculum will not be perfect without a well-planned social studies lesson. Social studies educate learners about the essential concepts in politics, culture, and economics, which help scholars know more about their world. History is one of the focal points of the social studies course. The knowledge of how our society works, how early humans and cultures formed the modern world, and how previous local and/or world events affect our world today are social studies idea that helps students be a thoughtful and invaluable asset to their nations.

The principal focus of studying social studies is for students to develop their reasoning and decision-making skills, acknowledge various developments worldwide, and be informed about other cultures. Sharpening these skills will enable them to be instrumental in shaping their society.

What do You Learn in Social Studies?

Social studies include a wide range of topics and ideas that enable scholars to have a perfect knowledge of how our contemporary world came into existence. The following branches of studies are the essential materials in the social studies curriculum.

  • History – Understanding the crucial affairs in history and how they changed our current world.
  • Geography – The use of a map in studying the location of countries, water bodies, and continents.
  • Government – The part government played in the United States and other nations and the various political views and their effect on the citizen and society.
  • Economics – This deals with the production and consumption of goods and services, labor, cost, and whatnot.
  • Religion – Learn the various beliefs we have.
  • Anthropology – Studying early cultures and societies, how early humans lived and advanced, and their part in shaping the current world.
  • Civics – Study the part citizens played in society and the expertise that enables people to be valuable members of society.

Social Studies Curriculum Overview

A social studies curriculum should have tons of topics, regions, plus more It teaches numerous ideas and subject matter; however, getting a curriculum that will enable you to see the resources or access the programs will give you a perfect knowledge of what your child will be studying.

Scholars will start to acknowledge how the world they live in works on a small scale at the early stage.

Ancient records
  • Society and geography
  • Crucial historical affairs (in the United States and other countries)
  • Local government; acknowledging their rights as citizens
  • Ethics; the parts it played in a society

As students further their education, they will continue learning the same topics but in a new dimension as they’ll move into more complex parts while examining new ones.

  • Judicial system and law
  • Anthropology; examining how different cultures and societies developed
  • Early civilizations; how ancient civilization helped shaped the current world
  • Economics; study concepts like demand, supply, labor, and whatnot.

Here is what we have in Let’s Read English online social studies curriculum.

Social Studies Curriculum for Preschool

Preschool scholars will start learning different social studies principles with an interactive preschool curriculum.

Social Studies Curriculum for Elementary School

Let’s Read English social studies curriculum includes resources for learning from grades 2-5. Although not seen as a complete curriculum, the social studies lectures for this level have lots of activities that encompass a variety of topics like geography, early civilization, U.S. history, economics, and other important concepts like map reading, cardinal directions, and whatnot.

Social Studies Curriculum for High School

Social studies at this level include economics, law, history, anthropology, and sociology. These subtopics are taught to integrate primary sources, artifacts, and authentic tasks to enable students to study advanced and historical material. Scholars can take the classes in no particular order; however, scholars should complete U.S. History I before U.S. History II to understand the idea perfectly.

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Why Choose Let’s Read English’s Social Studies Curriculum

Let’s Read English gives an online social studies curriculum for scholars at preschool and high school levels. Grade levels categorize our social studies class for learners in elementary and high school. For high school learners, the curriculum is divided into five programs.

At the high school level, all social studies programs are seen as complete courses and tallies to all state standards.

The ability to choose a grade above or another below enables scholars to access those levels and can use it to their advantage. However, parents/tutors can request to upgrade the level at any time.

Our multimedia-based curriculum is the best choice for online schoolers around the world for some reasons, which include:

  • Encourages acknowledgment of other beliefs and cultures
  • Aids in enhancing intellectual and social development
  • Develops solid foundation of current affairs and national and world history
  • Develop a solid foundation of socio-economics
  • Educates scholars on how to address societal issues
  • We have lots of exciting resources for teaching
  • Scholars can learn at their pace
  • Users can access our program irrespective of time and location
  • Variety of topics allows scholars to have a comprehensive view of different social studies concepts
  • Users can retake classes, tests, and exams
  • Topics like civics and government allow scholars to build career readiness