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SuccessMaker Math & Reading – What Alternatives for Online Use?

SuccessMaker® Math & Reading – What Alternatives for Online Use?

Is there any Alternative to SuccessMaker® for Home Education?

As parents, finding a good online learning program can be a daunting task. Why? Because there are so many learning programs available in the market today. It becomes confusing to select a particular learning program because many seem to provide the same curriculum and content. At Let’s Read English, we try to clarify your doubts by giving you the exact answers you are looking for. We give you insights into our extensive English learning program, help you clarify the course content and the curriculum, and how it scores over other similar programs.

SuccessMaker® from Savvas Learning Co.

SuccessMaker is an innovative learning solution from Savvas Learning Co. (formerly Pearson K12 Learning). Savvas Learning Co. is a fast-growing player in online education courses and claims to provide next-generation learning tools.

SuccessMaker provides courses like Maths, Literacy, and English language development across different grades. It also helps students with science and social studies and adds to their learning process. SuccessMaker is purely an online learning program and is adaptive as per the educational needs of each student. So, it assesses the student’s answers and accordingly adapts itself to the best possible learning route. The solution is also highly engaging and interactive. You can also track student’s progress and create reports through the tool that are beneficial to both parents and teachers in identifying the student’s weak areas.     

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Let's Read English: An Alternative to SuccessMaker® for Home Use

Home education has become popular over the years, but it hasn’t been easy for parents. Choosing the best online school program for home use out of hundreds of programs is a big challenge. Adding to the problems is that many educational institutions or online learning program providers don’t sell out their programs for personal use i.e., for home purposes. Let’s Read English is an online English learning program that is suitable for home use. The students can study in the comfort of their homes and a self-paced manner. The course material, assignments, and assessments are fine-tuned as per each student’s learning style, so you don’t have to run around looking for different programs.

Here are the benefits of the Let’s Read English online learning program specially designed for home use:

  • Identify your child’s level and needs. Let’s Read English’s holistic online learning program is tailored to your child’s learning style and level. The course content is diverse and takes into account every child’s needs. The individualized structure of the course is helpful to carve a learning path for each child. Parents have the flexibility to choose specific lessons for their child and help him/her to learn at his/her own pace. The parents can also follow the prescribed scope and sequence structure and be on top of their child’s learning process. The program follows a modular approach which makes it comparatively easy to learn as there are assessments and assignments at the end of each module.
  • Understand the learning styles. Let’s Read English contains different learning strategies designed as per the different learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) of children. These strategies are engaging and comprehensive such that a child grows and gather skills as the course moves on. Click to know about different learning styles.
  • Use the latest technology. Let’s Read English online learning program integrates with the latest technology to impart proper learning to your child. Moreover, you can access state-of-the-art technology at the comfort of your home.
  • Keep track of your child. The program contains tools for the parents so that they can track their child’s progress. The parents have access to lessons, assignments, and assessments. They also have access to progress reports and test scores. Parents can devise a flexible end-to-end plan for their child with so much content at disposal apart from the plan integrated with the course. Using Let’s Read English’s online member’s forum, parents can talk to educators, fellow parents, ask questions, and have meaningful discussions.
  • End-to-end program. Let’s Read English learning program is designed to cater to your child’s end-to-end needs, which means that its online school curriculum is flexible and diverse. The program works for home education, summertime study enhancement, and skill improvement.

Stay Ahead with Let's Read English High-Quality English Online Learning Program

Let’s Read English is one of the best online English learning programs today. It is holistic, engaging, and fun. Moreover, it is available at a very affordable cost. The six-months cost of the program is less than one month cost of most English learning programs. Also, with Let’s Read English, you get a two-week money-back guarantee. Click on our grade-by-grade curriculum overview to find what’s in store.

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A New Definition of Online Schooling

At Let’s Read English, we believe in evolving and using the best possible tools to teach. We created this online English learning solution to educate children who have a love for the English language. The most important aspect of Let’s Read English is that it’s flexible, comprehensive, economical, and available at your home’s comfort. By enrolling in this course, you give your child all the benefits of the best online curriculum. Join us and be a part of one of the most engaging, educational, and fun online learning programs.

SuccessMaker® is the registered trademark of Savvas Learning Co. Let’s Read English is not in any way related or affiliated with Savvas Learning Co. Let’s Read English’s purpose here is to apprise the families about different programs, curriculum, and teaching methods that can benefit their child. Let’s Read English products and services are not endorsed by Savvas Learning. Co.

Helpful Tools and Resources

Welcome to Online Schooling GuideNew to online schooling? This guide is written by experienced online schoolers and aims at answering all the questions relating to the course that are bothering parents and families.

Lessons Overview – The plan provides an overview of lessons that are available for each grade.

Online School Portfolio InformationIt answers some common questions around online school portfolios and evaluations. The guide includes tips on organization methods and how Let’s Read English can be used as part of your online school portfolio.

Parent’s Forum – Using this forum, you can talk to online schoolers in your area, have discussions, and communicate with other online schooling parents. In short, it is an interactive portal that can help solve most of your real-time queries. Also, keeping in touch with seasoned online schoolers will help make your child’s online schooling journey a success.

Self Help Section – Whether you’re an existing member, or new to Let’s Read English, or a future member looking for different answers, this section is your go-to tool. If you have any doubts about the program and its features, head onto this section to clarify. We already know most of your queries and have answered them in-depth here.

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