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Teaching Reading to Preschoolers

Teaching Reading to Preschoolers

Reading to Prek scholars is one of the great delights of parenting. This method is also one of the best strategies for preparing your preschool scholars to read for themselves. The procedure of learning to read include various methods, but reading to young learners is a great place to start.

As stated by Reading Skills Pyramid, a visual picture of the procedures scholars scale through when learning to read, the early pre-reading level includes acknowledging the print concept. This means that a Prek scholar has to understand the relationship between sounds and letters and also understand that sounds and letters create meaning.

To help develop the print concept with your preschool child, let them focus on words and letters, you can label things in your house and more especially in your Prek child’s room, get a toy for them and pay attention to letter recognition, watch academic programs that talk about letters and number; an example is Sesame Street, and help them to practice how to trace letters. Once the learner starts to understand the print, “the early method of reading for young learners,” then, the young learner will be prepared for a more formal reading process.

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A PreK Reading Curriculum for Home Use

For a formal reading curriculum, Let’s Read English’s online course is an exceptional option. It uses different approach which are great for learning like guided reading, language arts games, reading worksheets and other innovative approaches which makes learning to read interesting for Prek scholars.

In our curriculum, young learners will have the chance to:

  • Create their stories
  • Learn how to spell their name
  • Play games that strengthen letter identification
  • Equate rhyming words with visual and audio prompts
  • Tally syllables with beats
  • And more

Your child will take part in all the five elements of a strong Prek reading curriculum, which include reading, writing, talking, playing, and singing. If your preschool child can use a computer mouse and follow simple directives like “choose” and “match” then they will develop their literacy level with Let’s Read English.

Find out more on our full list of lesson plans for our online school Prek curriculum.

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