Let's Read English

Terms and Condition

During reserving an online course with London School Online, you need to accept the following terms of reservation:

  1. A course is clarified as the duration of a single course type as explained on our website.
  2. A reservation can be formed either a single course or incorporation of other courses.
  3. During the reservation process, you need to pay the full fee for the course and it is only refundable if you are discontented with the course.  You can reach out to us at apply@letsreadenglish.com within two weeks of starting your course. However, you need to ensure that you have not completed more than three hours of study to receive your refund.
  4. If you want to invest in another online course, you must pay the full amount at the time of reservation, minus any advertised recurring booking deductions.
  5. The standard Terms and Conditions will apply if you purchase a course from the London School of English delivered in person (offline).
  6. You are not allowed to cancel or postpone your course unless you encounter a situation as in point 3.
  7. It is impossible to pause your course or take a vacation during the process of your course.
  8. It is your liability to monitor the level of English you need to take the course you want (please check out the related page on the website). If you are unsure of your level, you can complete our online test.
  9. Your course will begin on the day specified in your registration email, no matter when you first enter the course.
  10. If you have contacted us through an agent, their Terms of Contract may apply to you. However, we still have the right to use our own terms.
  11. If there is a circumstance that has not been covered by their Terms, we reserve the right to take such appropriate action as we deem suitably.