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The Let’s Read English Playground – Learning Games Online

The Let's Read English Playground – Learning Games Online

The Let's Read English Playground

Let’s Read English playground is a selected collection of online English games like learning games and educational games mixed with fun activities. These games are fine-tuned to match the kids’ English learning capabilities and different learning styles. Give your kids a safe and interactive learning environment and sign up for Let’s Read English to kick start their English learning journey.


Let’s Read English playground games are tailored to students’ needs and consist of appropriate English-based lessons and fun learning activities. The multimedia resources with animated characters, interactive content, and fun games aid in increasing your child’s concentration levels. This also increases the engagement rate of the students. Let’s Read English playground is available for kids in preschool, elementary school, and middle school.


Jump to the following sections to understand what kind of games are useful for kids:

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The online gaming that is available over the internet could be bad for younger kids. Many gaming sites like Yahooligans, PopCap Games, Games.com, and others use online games to sell the complete version of their games. Apart, the multiple ads that keep popping up during the game force the kids to click through. This could be bad news for you as most of these ads are luring techniques and may lead to the installation of spyware or malware, which is a bad deal for your system.


Today’s online games have an inbuilt chat system that again is not suitable for younger kids. On the other hand, the websites like Disney, Lego, and Warner Brothers have become commercial. They don’t care about what types of games kids should play. If you’re parents of younger kids under 10, you need to be extra cautious while choosing games for them. Your kids require games for learning and fun and not for selling or advertisement.

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Fun is another key factor to make your kids learn. The games can add to that fun factor while keeping the learning in place. Some helpful and great websites provide fun games. These contain no ads or selling strategies. Let’s Read English playground comprises of games that are licensed. It also relies on non-malicious websites and activities like BBC interactive, PBS Kids, Sesame Street, and more. As part of the Let’s Read English playground, the games and websites are carefully chosen. The navigation between the games is a fun and simple interface devoid of any ads or other campaigns.


Let’s Read English does not sell unnecessary products to your children.

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Let’s Read English playground has fun games that keep your kid engaged. The interactive activities that the program provides keep the child motivated. As your child moves through the program, he/she can build an understanding that the games will be accessible once the lesson is over. Your kid thus remains motivated to complete the lessons. Your kid will find the Let’s Read English curriculum exciting, comforting, and motivating based on the program structure and fun games.

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Good For Them

Let’s Read English playground consists of a two-player gaming section. In this section, two players can play the game on the same computer. Let’s Read English playground consists of educational materials, infotainment, and simple games. The playground is designed for fun and teaching and is not all-consuming. With the continuous rise of apprehension in the parents regarding the online games for their kids and their time on electronic media, Let’s Read English’s playground aims to provide learning, educational, and ad-free games. The playground is also tailored in such a way to keep track of how much time your child spends on electronic media. With this, parents can manage their kids’ time on the computer or other devices from where Let’s Read English is accessible.

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Key Features of Let's Read English Program

Let’s Read English consists of over 1000 interactive activities across various subjects to keep your child engaged. Let’s Read English aims to provide learning and a fun environment to carve the learning path for your child. The lessons, printable worksheets, and graded activities provided by the program are designed so that the students can go about the course at their own pace. The curriculum of subjects like math and language arts is as per the state standards. Subjects are science, social studies, and arts are available for most grades.

As part of the program, parents get access to various lesson plans, printable worksheets, teaching tools (as part of Parent Dashboard), detailed reporting, and parental support through our online Parent Forum.

The program consists of the following key features:

  • Students get separate logins to access their dashboard.
  • Students can go about learning the program at their own pace.
  • The grade level can be chosen independently for each subject.
  • Parents get detailed lesson plans to identify the structure of the course.
  • Content of a grade above and a grade below is available for review and study.
  • Access to an online playground is provided for rewards and motivation.
  • The program is integrated with an automated system that grades the lessons based on learning progress and stores reports for online school portfolio

You can sign up for the course and start with it on the same day

Let’s Read English is a purely online learning program which means that no software is needed to be downloaded or no CD is to be purchased. The course is accessible 24/7 through the internet.


Let’s Read English also provides a two-week money-back guarantee with the ability to stop, pause, and start the program at any time.


Try our interactive lesson demos, check out our curriculum overview, browse lesson plans, or read curriculum reviews to see what’s in store.