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Trigonometry High School Online Curriculum

Trigonometry High School Online Curriculum

This course is among the five math courses taken at the high school level. It is a single-semester course created for students who have taken algebra in their second year. It helps them to improve their skill in analytic math and trigonometry.

Like other courses, Let’s Read English’s trig curriculum includes instructional videos and multimedia lessons to engage our students. We also test students’ understanding of projects. The curriculum will set your child up for math courses at the college level.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the topics to expect and the objectives. You can use it as your child’s primary curriculum or as a supplemental program.

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What Do You Learn in Trigonometry?

This course borders on ratios of lengths, measurement of angles, geometrical constructions, and the study of distances. Some of the topics that your child will learn have been listed below.


  • Introduction to circular functions
  • Application of graphs to trig. functions
  • Application of the law of cosines and sines
  • The fundamentals of the polar coordinates
  • Introduction to the 6 Trig. Functions
  • Trigonometric Identities

Learning Objectives for High School Trigonometry

The objectives of the Let’s Read English trigonometry course are to enhance students’ problem-solving skills and prepare them for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in case it falls in line with their future careers. Architecture and surveying are some of the professions that make use of trigonometry.

These are the other objectives of the course:

Writing the mathematics formulas on a blackboard
  • Definition and application of trig. functions
  • Representation of trig functions graphically
  • The application of the polar coordinate system by graphing equations and plotting points
  • Application of the law of cosines, sines, and area formulas to solve problems
  • Solving trigonometric equations
  • Circular functions and their relationship to trigonometric functions
  • Introduction to basic trigonometric identities and expressions
  • Solving real-world problems with trigonometry curriculum

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Trigonometry Curriculum?

As explained above, this course is a single-semester course, and it is made of interactive instructions and assignments.  The topics have been broken down into smaller chunks to enable students to digest them in bits.

Students and their parents love our trigonometry curriculum because of the reasons below:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Students can easily track their coursework with our customizable assignment calendar.
  • We assess students after each lesson to gauge their understanding.
  • Our interactive and interesting content engages students for hours.
  • The lessons make use of real-life illustrations and examples so students can relate.
  • The content of our lessons is challenging and engaging as well as our assessments. And feedback is in real-time.
  • Our system tracks students’ performance, and the reports are automated and printable.
  • Lesson instructions are presented in multiple types of format to cater to students of all learning styles.
  • Our reporting facilities make it easier for parents to monitor their children’s
  • The instructions are
  • Students are taught to follow a step-by-step process as the steps carry more weight than the final answer to solve problems.
  • Students can choose specific topics of
  • The course can be used to supplement another
    math course.
  • Visual learners will significantly benefit from our highly experienced
    on-screen teachers.