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Tutoring Alternative Solutions

Tutoring Alternative Solutions

Each scholar learns at a different pace and also has a distinctive learning method; some can’t be met in a conventional classroom. However, when parents start observing changes in their children’s grades and aperture in their study, they turn to a teaching center. 

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Top 6 Reasons Children Require the Help of a Tutor?

  • Scholars are lagging in their school work
  • Struggling with a particular subject
  • Learning dysfunction
  • Needs to solidify what is taught in school
  • Getting ready for a special test
  • Hone their skill during the summer period

Traditional Tutoring Centers

Conventional teaching places may not always be a great option when a student needs a private teacher. Some teaching centers need students to stay in a lesson until they understand it. Scholars will stay with that study until he passes the quiz for a particular lesson. However, this may lead to more difficulties and struggle with their educational activities.

Another challenge is with the teaching centers that need a scholar to take the real SAT/PSAT or ACT exam. These teachers pay attention to rectifying the reported problem parts which reflect in the exam results.

Finally, most of these conventional teaching centers give private teaching for only math and grammar, and no other subject like; social studies and science.

Traditional Tutoring Centers

Though private teachers do work on specific parts as instructed by parents, they are not regulated. Some of them may not have the professional credentials, teaching experience and degree as well. There is no assurance that the private tutor will easily know the reason the learner is having some challenges and the technique to apply to help solve the scholar’s problem. Also, parents that employ the service of private tutors will discover that their rates are not stable and also their schedule, which is based on the needs of those private teachers.

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Online Tutoring with Let’s Read English

Let’s Read English gives activities, lectures, reports, assessments, and academic games, hence making it a vital tool for learners and parents. Parents will be notified of their children’s success level every day and they can as well customize the lessons to touch some specific areas they want.

For convenience, lectures are taken at the preference of the family member. Parents and scholars choose how, when and which classes to take. They can also review, create lessons, and skip lectures; scholars also have support while obtaining self-work study skills. For most parents, Let’s Read English is an exceptional program that gives interesting and consistent activities while keeping scholars engaged during the lesson period. 


  1. Let’s Read English can be accessed anywhereregardless of location and time; all you need is a device like a computer or a laptop with an internet connection.
  2. Let’s Read English allows scholars to accessa year worth of curriculum for each grade level. All you have to do is just check out our lesson plan to know the equivalent lecture they are finding difficult.
  3. Let’s Read English’s low subscription fee per month enables learners to have access to our online teaching program any time they want. Hence, the cost is the same irrespective of the number of times you use it.
  4. Let’s Read English allows parents to take part in the learning process.All our programs record and keep student’s performance (student’s grade) in the parent dashboard. To help the learners with their homework, we have printable worksheets which make it easy for that.
  5. Scholars who use Let’s Read English havea year’s worth of online teaching resources. This enables learners to focus on other classes in their studies after meeting up with their school work.
  6. Let’s Read English gives careful private teachingto scholars that are uncomfortable about needing additional help with their homework. Online teaching can take place anywhere in the house.
  7. Most parents discovered that the Let’s Read English teaching programminimizes student’s vexation to learning and increases their interest in learning. Animated explanatory lectures help learners with teaching for topics they don’t understand when their parents are teaching them.

The Let’s Read English Program Structure

Let’s Read English program has been redefined by years with feedback from instructors, learners, and parents. Our subjects are arranged in chapters with interactive lectures, quizzes, tests, and printable worksheets. We have an automated system that guides the scholars throughout the activities.

Visual and auditory prompts lead learners throughout the programs, this makes it easy for students to follow, plus our online playground which is controlled by the parents compensates and inspires learners to complete their programs.

Parents have access to detailed reporting, printable lesson plans, teaching tools, and parental support in our online parent platform.

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