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U.S. History II Online Curriculum

U.S. History I Online Curriculum

As its name implies, this curriculum revolves around American history. The class will take you through the Civil War, Jacksonian democracy, the Revolutionary war, the 13 colonies, and more. After going through the curriculum, students will understand why America is what it is today.

Let’s Read English has laid out the objectives of this course for you. Also, this page will give you all the necessary information about the curriculum.

What is Taught in U.S. History I?

To make it easy to understand, the history of America has been broken into U.S. History I and II. This curriculum is for U.S. History I.

The topics under U.S. History I are:

  • The beginning of colonization and the various colonies
  • From the beginning of the Civil War to the Southern Surrender
  • Reconstruction goals and the emergence of Jim Crow laws
  • The Indian Removal Act and Manifest Destiny
  • Abolition, slavery, and sectionalism
  • The Bill of Rights and the constitution
  • The Revolutionary War and the Independence
  • The Monroe Doctrine and the 1812 War
  • Columbus’ voyages
  • American Indians and the explorers.
  • The significance of George Washington’s presidency and the formation of new political parties

Let’s Read English’s online program usually assigns this subject to students because of its importance. However, it’s not mandatory. Parents can change it to another subject.

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Learning Objectives for U.S. History I

The primary purpose of this subject is to inform students about the Revolutionary & Civil Wars, the colonization and the 13 colonies, the expansion and reconstruction that followed the wars, the migration to America, and much more.

This is a further breakdown of the objectives:

  • Understand the economic and social impact of slavery and industrialization
  • Understand the Bill of rights and the constitution
  • Explain the construction of the transcontinental railroad and the bottlenecks it faced
  • Understand the strategies adopted by the south and the north in the Civil war
  • Explain the watersheds in the Revolutionary War
  • Describe how the American Indians related to the colonies

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s U.S. History I Curriculum?

Our curriculum will ensure that your child masters the topics listed above. Whether you choose it as a supplement or as a complete curriculum package, you’ll enjoy the benefits below. At the end of the year, our students will grasp the strategies, concepts, people, and events related to American history.

Find the additional benefits that Let’s Read English’s curriculum offers below.

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • We have detailed lesson plans for parents’ preview and review.
  • It instills American values in students and helps them understand the societal diversity in America.
  • We encourage analytical and critical thinking, and our lessons also trigger memorization.
  • Our curriculum is in line with national and state standards.
  • We provide closed-captioned videos to enhance our students’ learning experience, including those with special needs.
  • The curriculum calculator and activity planner are tools for parents to track their children’s progress.
  • Let’s Read English’s system offers automated grading and automated record updates.
  • It is compatible with different online schooling styles.
  • Our summer learning supplement helps to prevent summer slides.
  • Lessons and quizzes can be repeated until mastery is achieved.
  • To keep students engaged, our lessons are interactive.
  • You can either follow the recommended course sequence or change the order.
  • Students can select the courses they want to take and skip the rest in our after-school program.
  • Since it is an online program, it is accessible to students 24/7.
  • We offer tons of engaging, engrossing, immersive lesson materials and spoken and written lessons to support different learning styles.

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