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U.S. History I Online Curriculum

U.S. History I Online Curriculum

The U.S. History I curriculum’s focal point will be on American history with the details of the 13 colonies, Jacksonian democracy, the major battles in the Revolutionary war, the Civil War, plus more.

Intrigued in knowing what to teach in U.S. History I? What should be your objectives? And why Let’s read English is an outstanding choice? Then the following details will explain all of that.

What is Taught in U.S. History I?


To thoroughly explore American history in high schools, the history is split into two courses, and the U.S. History I syllabus topics comprise:

  • The distinction between the explorers and the American Indians and the expedition of Columbus
  • Colonization, the colonial life, and the divergent colonies
  • The pronouncement of independence, the American war of independence, the Bill of Rights, and the constitution
  • The Presidency of George Washington and the new political affiliations
  • America’s Second War of Independence and Monroe Doctrine
  • The Indian Removal act of 1830 and the Manifest Destiny
  • Localism, slavery in American tradition, and increase in the abolition
  • Life during the American Civil War and how the southern surrendered
  • The ten percent plan and the rise of Jim Crow laws

While Let’s Read English automatically allocates U.S. History I to students, the parents can choose for their children by selecting any other subjects from the syllabus.

You can get more information about that on our 9th-grade scope and sequence and the lesson plan for grade 9.

Learning Objectives for U.S. History I

At the end of the year, the child should have a clear apprehension of migration procedure to America, the American Civil war, extension of America, the American Revolution, the thirteen colonies, and more.

Here are some objectives that can be recognized:

  • Understand the interconnection between the American Indians and the colonies
  • Delineate the significant watershed in the American Revolutionary war
  • Show an understanding of the Bill of Rights and the constitution  
  • Delineate the effect of industrialization and the impact of slavery economically
  • Describe the significant approach used by the north and south in the course of the American Civil war
  • Explain the problems encountered during the building of the transcontinental railroad.

Why Choose Let's Read English U.S. History I Online School Curriculum?

Let’s Read English has a significant impact on your students. It helps them achieve the above-outlined objectives and help broaden their understanding of key issues in the U.S. history like; the American Civil war, the extension of America after the war, the American Revolution, and the thirteen colonies slavery, plus more.

Using the Let’s Read English U.S. History I syllabus’s full package or supplement package, the course’s entertaining side fosters self-learning. It gives the children a clear understanding of the people, events, concepts, and more.


Here are some extra advantages the children will enjoy while using Let’s Read English’s U.S. History I syllabus.

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • There are activity planners that allow parents to plant the activities of their child.
  • The curriculum has more than 250 activities grouped into more than 15 chapters.
  • The course materials are presented in sequential order so that each
    lesson dovetails into the next one.
  • Many of the activities are assessed and scored. Also, there are
    quizzes. All these make it easy for you to track your child’s
  • There are many stories and other types of essays to improve your child’s reading skills.
  • The curriculum has several writing activities that help to improve students’ writing skills.
  • The interactive approach used aids easy learning and keeps the attention of thestudents for a long-time.
  • The students can take lessons, tests, and quizzes often to understand the subject clearly
  • Parents can easily choose the recommended course or determine the course
    following the child's needs.
  • Students can choose to take the hardest lessons first, hence making an excellent
    after-school program.
  • It has a feature that propels self-learning and enhances confidence.
  • There is a lot of visually interesting stuff, written and spoken lesson that
    supports different learning styles.
  • Students can use our resource "U.S. History I" at all time as there is 24/7 access to
    our lessons
  • It has a summer learning supplement that avoids summer slide