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Visual Learning Style

Visual Learning Style

Visual learning means learning with pictures. It also means thinking in pictures, doodle, drawing, chats, maps, tables, graphs, and more rather than using words. Visual learners tend to apply a holistic approach to learn rather than a sequential method. One advantage of this learning style is the ability to see the big picture. However, sometimes visual learners might be cut out in detail.

Here we will cover the pros and cons of the visual learning method, give some learning tips for this learning style and let you know how to Let’s Read English can benefit students with this learning method.

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What Are the Visual Learner's Characteristics?

Visual learners can easily soak up information they see. Some major features of visual learners are as follows:

  • They always have imagination, which leads to wandering and daydreaming sometimes.
  • They mostly like visual stimulation since they think mainly in pictures.
  • Most times, to completely understand what someone is saying, they have to see their facial expression and demeanor.
  • Visual learners are good at reading and interpreting maps and charts.
  • Most times, they need to visualize alphabets to spell a word correctly.
  • They easily use intuition for solving problems.
  • They like using flashcards, watching videos, and pointing out information.
  • They can easily spot out new stuff in a place.
  • They always make indexes to remember information.
  • Mostly, they have sturdy mechanic, technological and artistic talents.
  • Visual learners are perfectionists and are mostly well organized.
  • Visual learners easily spot the model in what they see.
  • They like a quiet place because noise easily distracts them.

Study Tips for Visual Learners

Visual learners have many capabilities. They show great attention to detail and always plan and organize their academic works. They take cognizance of all visual elements. However, putting all these qualities into use can improve their performance.

Here are some great learning tips for visual learners:

  • Creativity is the major factor for visual learning, allowing students with this learning ability to represent their study in visual and creative manners.
  • To make learning easy and interesting for students with this learning ability, provide them with a whiteboard, marker (different colors), and eraser for erasing mistakes made with the maker. With these materials, they can learn easily without wasting paper and whatnot.
  • Always use dazzling colors where needed because it helps make an indelible mark on a visual learner’s mind.
  • If possible, use documentaries instead of textbooks.
  • To make learning simple and easy, make a catalog for your students to follow and refer back to. This will help the students to stay on track and check their progress.
  • Use different concepts in the learning process.
  • Use lots of visual learning aids during the study period. Use visual means to represent auditory instructions.
  • Hence, learners can easily relate color with terms; therefore, incorporate color-coding to make your work easy.
  • With color, learners can remember abstract and complex concepts.
  • PowerPoint can be resourceful in teaching visual learners hence;, consider using it.
  • A quiet environment is essential for teaching visual learners.
  • Tutors can help learners to arrange their notes to smoothen their learning process.
  • Try using stationery and other learning materials that the learner will enjoy looking at.
  • If possible, replace words with symbols. This strategy is meant for learners to relate symbols to concepts, improve their writing skills, and more.
  • Google and other search engines can be resourceful for visual learners. You can use the image part of these resources to search for places, concepts, words, and whatnot. With that, scholars can easily learn with a visual representation of what they are learning.

How Let's Read English Works for Visual Learners

The above visual learning methods will help improve visual learner’s academic performance. Hence, it’s crucial to pick a curriclum that focuses on visual learners’ distinctive strength as a text-oriented curriclum will not give the desired results.


Let’s Read English is an online school program that presents students’ classes in a multimedia form using an engaging and interactive approach. However, below are the reasons why parents of children with this learning ability (visual learning) choose Let’s Read English as their primary online school curriculum:

  • The visual demonstration method used in teaching makes information understandable and straightforward to learners.
  • Auditory-based subjects like phonics are presented visually and are accomplished with a holistic literature approach.
  • We incorporate different visual features that visual learners enjoy the most.
  • We have the “read along” option for early readers; this enables early learners to relate to the word sound.
  • We also have visual writing features like graphics organizers, note-card creators, and other features that enable you to insert links and images into paper.
  • The use of videos for teaching makes it easier for visual learners to study easily

Take a bold step and Sign up for Let’s Read English today to have access to all our educational material, helping your child succeed. Also, make Let’s Read English your default educational material for tutoring visual learners.

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