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What, When, Why & How of Deschooling

What, When, Why & How of Deschooling

The word “deschooling” cropped up as most public school students starts to adopt the online schooling method. Here on this page, you will get to know more about the procedures and steps of changing to online school from public school, why learners need some time to take this step (deschooling), and how to proceed with this step to a more formal style of online school.

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What Is Deschooling?

Deschooling is a period when you do a few formal school work to reformat learners’ likeness for learning. During this process, you will improve your knowledge and your perspective on how a child learns. It can take parents and scholars time to understand how online school works because the traditional form of schools (private and public education) educates many students at once. The chart below shows some of the key differences between traditional classroom teaching and the online learning environment

Learning in a Classroom

Online School Learning

  • There is a specific time for lessons in a classroom
  • Tutors must plan lessons, which are aimed at the “average” scholars
  • Most lessons are conducted in the conventional classroom environment.
  • Scholars struggle with some forms of distractions, and tutors must pacify with some distractions.
  • The curricula are determined at the regional and state level
  • There is a distinctive time frame for teaching each subject.
  • Constant assessment and standardized tests are the normal ways of checking scholars’ achievements.

Here, scholars are needed to sit and observe so as to maintain a conducive environment for learning.

Teachers use grading methods to check students’ progress and also compare students easily

  • Scholars can study when they like regardless of location and time.
  • Lessons can be personalized to meet each scholar’s needs.
  • Online school students can learn anywhere irrespective of time and location; this can take place at home, outdoors, etc.
  • With the online school format, students can have a 1:1 teaching and study ratio with minimum interruptions and whatnot.
  • Parents/instructors and scholars normally have the power to pick their resources and curricula.
  • The time needed for each subject is determined by parents or scholars, and mastery and corrections can be applied easily.
  • Parents or tutors are working with scholars; hence, they can easily check the student’s progress without repeated tests.
  • Scholars are allowed to learn in any mode that best suits them. Even if that is moving around, constant breaks, and integrating hands-on practice.

So, from the comparison above, parents/instructors and scholars who see the classroom study method as the standard form of learning will need more time to adopt the various ways of learning. So, for an online school scholar, what is deschooling in education? With less classroom management and more focus on helping scholars to achieve their learning goals, the learning and academic process is customized. So, before using this online schooling method, deschooling helps parents and scholars to understand and make this shift.

How Long Does Deschooling Take?

No matter what you may have read, there is no easy, fast or hard rule for the time needed for previously private or public school students to adapt to a more flexible, personalized, and completely different strategy to learning. Hence, if your child has stayed in a traditional school for a long period, it will take them a long time as well to adapt to this learning format.


If your child is finding it difficult adapting to the structure or is bored with the lectures, it is fine to combine some form of interesting and fun academic activities like educational field trips, and also integrate classes that will help awaken and strengthen your children’s brain active for the deschooling period. Let’s Read English is an outstanding material for deschooling because it is totally flexible and easy to use by scholars and parents any time they want to use it. Families can choose the programs they like to use and also combine Let’s Read English classes with other hands-on programs plus other activities they have for academic activities. Our program serves as the main skill-building program while members/families are reducing and reanalyzing their study plan.

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To know more about deschooling, check A2Z Homeschooling’s Deschooling Page

Switching from Public School to Online Schooling

For some reason, some parents do pull their children from private and/or public schools to start instructing them online at home. Some of the reasons why parents take this decision include:

  • Problems emanating from mental and physical health problems that require time away from the classroom
  • A low standard between the learner and the tutor/school/class
  • The learner’s educational needs not being met in his/her present school
  • For safety measures like bully and whatnot within the school premises
  • A wish to pay attention to the student’s distinctive talent which he/she wants to pursue like, singing, entrepreneur, dancing, etc.
  • To give the scholar personalized, flexible, and multiple academic experiences

The option to change to online schooling from the conventional school method needs a specific adjustment on the part of learners and parents. It is more than academic change; it’s a total rejuvenation! That is the perfect time to start deschooling.

Switching from Public School to Online Schooling

To enable scholars to make a paradigm shift from conventional school methods to online schooling, it’s crucial to allow them to unwind during the time of this transition. The following are some helpful tips to get learners into an online schooling mindset.

  • Look for an online school group, even if it’s a virtual group or facilities where online school members meet. This will enable your children to make friends and also be eager to learn with this format (online school). The help and motivation they get from that will encourage them that online schooling will be interesting and also have a positive impact on their educational activity.
  • The library is one of the best places to start from; be familiar with any library close to you. Meet with the librarian and introduce yourself to him/her. “They will give you the best information when it comes to books, reading programs, and reading lists.” Also, most libraries organize weekly storytimes, book affairs, arts and crafts, teen clubs, etc. there are lots of reference materials like DVDs, encyclopedias, magazines, etc. you can borrow from the library. 
  • Don’t forget this part; physical activity, it’s good for both the body and mind. It’s useful in removing stress, boredom and also enables the scholar to get rid of some strong feelings or energy. Allow your child to choose how to use their time, be it yoga, jumping rope, or playing catch. Allowing them to use their playtime and with little control will help to encourage and motivate the independent learning that is presented with online schooling.

Transitioning from Deschooling to Online Schooling

How will you know when you and your kids have had a long period of deschooling? That question sets in when you can answer the following question with a resounding “YES.”

  • Do I know that learning can take place anywhere at any time?
  • Do I know that each child has a distinct study method and that my online school scholar has a unique learning preference or learning styles?
  • Do I understand the freedom that the members have to personalize their scholar’s education?
  • Do I take my children’s interest in anything as an intrinsic starting point for a learning experience?
  • Have you started the reconnection phase with your children?
  • Have you started to value the worth of supplemental programs like clubs, athletics, and a trip for excellent online school education?

What’s next after deschooling? First, you are welcome to homeschooling! You can start by adding some structure to your day if that motivates you and your kids to study successfully. Then, you will start to discover your rhyme and preferred online school method. If you haven’t already, start to connect with online school groups within your location. You will pick the best mix of curriculum and resources that meet all your academic goals.


Using your previous knowledge about how young learners study will enable you to accept a more holistic and customized academic approach. Definitely, from time to time, you will retreat to the old method of doing things (traditional schooling method). But when you finally realize the freedom and potentials of online school, you will never look back again!

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