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You Are NOT Alone! Let’s Read English Is Here to Help.

You Are NOT Alone! Let’s Read English Is Here to Help.

Let’s Read English uses a family-first strategy for online education. We are here to help with all you need to get started studying online. This includes questions on how to get started, the materials and tools needed for you to be consistent and a continuous academic program even if you relocate.

Best for military household both in the United States and outside the Unied State, Let’s Read English presents a complete online school curriculum for scholars from Prek to Grade 12 and all our programs can be accessed from any place across the globe irrespective of time and location with just a computer or laptop with an internet connection.

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Let’s Read English – An Online Education Program for Preschool to 12th Grade

Let’s Read English is a tech-based, outstanding online curriculum that uses multimedia lectures, printable worksheets, educational videos, tests, quizzes, with online and offline projects to instruct standard-based math, social studies, language arts, and science. It is the best for after-school, summer education, and online schooling regardless of your location.

Let’s Read English’s curriculum is presented within an ad-free, safe and secure automated online learning platform that instructs the classes, strengthens concepts with practice, checks progress, and keeps printable for portfolio. Also, users have some advantages like the various parents’ tools, teaching materials, and a support system with our erudite staff and parent forum that is handled by your peers.

With Let’s Read English, members have a full year material; this is for users to use the program anyhow they like. No downloads, extra fees, or CDs, so you can access our program any time from any location with a computer and internet connection.

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Let’s Read English – A Solution to Common Challenges Faced by Military Families

Let’s Read English presents easy to use, affordable solution to numerous common problems parents encounter when trying to educate their kids while serving. For instance:

  • We will help you to start teaching your children irrespective of your location!Besides our lessons, Let’s Read English provides a total support system through email, phone, and Parent Forum, this includes a “Military Families” discussion and members can reach out to their peers.
  • Our study approach makes online schooling “attainable.”While parents’ participation is required for an effective online school, our auto-learning feature has solved the most difficult task (lesson planning). Scholars can just log in, pick any subject of their choice, and move on with the class; we also have printable reports learners can use for practice and this printable will be checked by parents any time.
  • With our program, your children’s education will be steady and consistent,enabling your children to continue their academic activities when you relocate.
  • No need to bother yourself about buying or shipping materials abroad.Let’s Read English is online which means that you only need a computer and/or laptop with an internet connection to access our program.
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  • Each learner will have 24/7 access to a full year academic material, hence you can start using the service any time of the year and also use the program anywhere you like it.
  • Our curriculum corresponds with all state standardsand also follows the lesson style used in public schools. With this, you don’t have to be bothered about state education demands and standard tests anytime you relocate.

(We are a school. However, we cater to foreign students in other countries so we only comply with state laws for English learners that live in the US. Our concept is different because we have online learning combined with a teacher)

Check out our demos, sign up, or find out more about our preschool to 8th grade program and high school courses.

Let’s Read English – A Solution to Common Challenges Faced by Military Families

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High School Courses – Curriculum Overview


English 1

English 2

English 3

English 4



Algebra 1


Algebra 2









Social Studies

US History 1

World History

US History 2

US Government


The Let’s Read English Curriculum Structure

Let’s Read English is purified by feedbacks from instructors, scholars, and parents. Subjects are arranged into chapters, with interactive classes, tests, quizzes, and printable worksheets. Scholars are guided by the programs at their pace by automated features.

If scholars log in, they pick a subject, choose a chapter, select a program and complete the programs. A check-mark show where a learner stopped in the previous class and the completed class is flagged with a gold star or check-mark. Visual and auditory prompts take scholars throughout the classes, making it easy for all scholars irrespective of their class. Also, our playground, which is online and controlled by parents or instructors compensates and inspires scholars to complete their courses.

Parents and instructors have access to teaching tools, printable lesson plans, parental support, and detailed reporting via our online Parent Forum

If your child has different proficient levels for language arts and math; don’t worry! Let’s Read English allows you to set your subject at the right grade level. This makes the curriculum an excellent choice for gifted students and special needs scholars.

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