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Do you want a proper English education for you or your children?

Let’s Read English aims to provide an native-American based English education utilizing curriculum from the best schools.



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Programs great for all ages.

Right now, with no teaching required, your child has the natural ability to start speaking a foreign language. Early exposure to a language — any language — triggers this inborn talent. Our curriculum is designed for children of all ages.

Children 5 through 9.

At this age, children will appreciate the humor in a fun story and can dive right into the online games for additional practice. Often focused on learning a particular theme, the vocabulary builder lessons have additional appeal.

Many kids, eager to expand on the dialogues, will also try out their new skills by acting out their own plays and stories using familiar characters.

Adults and parents benefit too.

Just by hearing the story in the background when your children are listening and playing with our characters, you will find yourself picking up key phrases and the rhythm of the language. Many parents tell us that our curriculum is a delightful refresher for the
language they studied in school.

Math teacher explaining topic

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Like enthusiastic little sponges, toddlers and preschoolers soak up any language they are exposed to, proudly using their expanding knowledge in creative new ways.

Vocabularies blossom as they learn to name colors , shapes, animals and the objects in their home. Speaking a second language reinforces these concepts, and rewards your child with improved communication skills in not one but two languages!

Tweens and Teens

Friendly characters in our various curriculum are welcomed cheerleaders and coaches to this age group, training tween and teen ears to the sounds of the

The fun stories take the pressure out of language learning and helps to move them past the inhibitions they may feel in the classroom.

With brief thematic clips and corresponding games online, our curriculums are  both a great introduction to
language and also an effective reinforcement of lessons learned in school without a textbook and drills.

Give your Child the Gift of Language.

Some of our curriculum, have been expanded for
schools by Early Advantage, are the most popular
language course for beginners and young
learners in the world.

Our curriculum is successful for millions
of students and teachers in 50 states and 126
countries. Great for language teachers, the curriculum has a
user-friendly approach that makes it possible for
classroom teachers and even volunteers to introduce
a world language program to kids of all ages.